Gift Guide: Foodie

Gift Guide: Foodie

Have a wannabe chef in the family? Here's some ideas to keep them cooking. Maybe they'll whip up a batch of cookies as a thank you for you ;) 
Heads up! A couple of these are Amazon affiliate links which kick a percentage my way if you buy through the link :)

You can never have enough good olive oil. Even more so when it's paired with an equally delicious vinegar. Theo's oils are all delicious and are great to cook with, toss on salads or just dip bread into. 

I bought this hot sauce for my foodie husband as a gift from a trip to Austin. It quickly became both of our favorite hot sauces.

Alice has some really lovely designs and her screen printed towels would make a great hostess or foodie gift. 

Louie got this for me for Hanukkah last year and damn, was it good. It's a good thing we have Milk Bar here in LA because damn, they make tasty treats. If your foodie has a sweet tooth, their boxed goodies are sure to keep them happy. The crack pie is just incredible.

I have a couple of Jake's books and they're always full of great recipes. His challah is my go-to recipe. 

  • Hedley & Bennett: Apron

I can vouch for these aprons, they rock. I met the owner some years ago and then randomly got to model for them when we first moved to LA. I freaking love mine and it's just a nice little kitchen staple that I didn't expect to love so much. 

This is my favorite spatula, that also donates to a childhood hunger program so it's a great spatula that gives back. 

I first stumbled onto this author on IG and I would trust any and all cheese pairings she recommends. 

These folks have some damn good spices and a trio of them make a great gift. I put this garlic powder in my scrambled eggs and it's damn tasty. 

Chances are your foodie also loves a good coffee. If they don't already have a moka pot, grab them one. While you're at it, get them some killer Italian espresso as well.


Keep your chef hydrated while they cook (and hopefully clean) all the things.


I met these folks at a Holiday market last year and their candy is so freaking good, it's amazing I actually gifted any of it away. 

I have a few of Geometry's regular towels and their dish cloths look just as amazing for cleaning up kitchen messes

This one may be a little niche but I had this on an idea list for my FIL for sometime. He's a huge deli fan and it was so fun to gift him some of his favorite food from states away. 

This chocolate is some of my all time favorite chocolate. Just buy it now.

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