Gift Guide: the Stationery Lover

Gift Guide: the Stationery Lover

I make stationery. Therefore, I LOVE stationery! One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to check out their local paper stores, gift shops and stationery spots. And even when you can't travel, there's SO many goodies to be found online! 

Here are some of my personal favorites...

1. Papier Mini Fountain Pen

I just came back from teaching some workshops in Austin, Texas at my friend's shop, the Paper + Craft Pantry. I always come home with some fun treasures and this mini fountain pen is just gorgeous! And it comes in lilac...

2. Brass Pen by Amal Iqbal

Prefer roller pens over fountain pens? My sister friend Amal makes these stunning brass pens! It's my favorite pen, I keep it in my purse at all times and guard it like a hawk anytime I let someone else use it. She has a whole suite of brass goodies and other fun stationery fun over in her shop!

3. Postcard Calendar by Seedlings

A postcard and calendar combo?! Not only does Seedlings have gorgeous illustrations, but they incorporate zero waste into their products through seed paper envelopes and dual purpose products! When you're done with the month, tear away the dates and share the illustrated postcard.

4. Maru Dot Liner Pens

This was another fun discovery in my friend's shop. Dot pens for all your list making! Or drag them to use like a highlighter! I got a few different colors and it was hard to pick a favorite...

5. Handmade 'Jaxson' Leather Pouch by McKinnon Collective

Now that you have a gathered a collection of awesome pens, you need somewhere special to keep them! Adam and Danella at McKinnon Collective sew their collection of leather goods in their Nor Cal workshop. Jump on their newsletter so you can get first dibs when their next collection drops online or at their upcoming markets! 

6. Stationery Themed Washi Tape by I Loot Paperie

Washi tape covered in stationery goodies?! Heck yes. These two sisters have such a fun assortment of paper goods with their unique and adorable illustrations. 

7. Ernie the Snail Mail Snail Sticker by Calliope Paperie

This little guy is just so stinking cute! Ernie is the new mascot for Calliope Paperie and I can't think of a cuter mascot for such a cute store. 

8. Pocket Sized Archer & Olive Notebook

I love Archer & Olive notebooks and their mini size is just too perfect! I keep the large size on my desk at all times and the smaller one in my backpack when I'm working at coffee shops. 

9. Pencil Jar by ECB Designs

What could be more perfect to store your pencils in than a pencil shaped jar?

10. Pen Collection by Letters by Shells

Not sure where to start in your pen journey? My friend Shelly has a whole set of some of her favorite pens! 

11. Phoenix 'Thank You' Card Set by Moglea

If you haven't seen Moglea products in person, you're missing out. Nearly all their products are painted or printed by hand and each one it totally unique! 

12. Steel Tape Dispenser

Another treasure I found at the Paper + Craft Pantry was this steel tape dispenser. Did I need it? Not really. Do I love the ease of tearing a piece of my custom washi tape for packages and orders? YES! 


What other stationery goodies are on your wish list?

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