Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me, no matter how hard I try to coordinate a gift in advance. So I wanted to compile a list of goodies not only to brainstorm for my own mom, but to help you dream up a great gift for the mamas in your life!

1. Felt flowers from The Paper + Craft Pantry

Flowers are always my go-to when Mother's Day rolls around, but the idea of gifting some handmade flowers that last year round will be a gift that gifts 365!



2. Ceramic Vase by go play clay

What better way to display your felt (or real flowers) than with a gorgeous hand-thrown ceramic vase. I own a couple pieces by Allison and they're just gorgeous!



3. Ceramic Mug by Global Eye

Continuing on the ceramics thread...these mugs by Global Eye are just so pretty and simple and would look great in any home! 



4. Matcha Superlatte by Clevr

Why gift just an empty mug? Fill it with something tasty! My sister gifted this to me for both Christmas AND my birthday recently because I'm so addicted. The Matcha and Golden Lattes are tied for my favorite. 



5. Leather Backpack by Harper the Label

A gorgeous backpack to keep ALL the things (and all the snacks) inside. These backpacks by Harper the Label are just stunning. 

6. Lavender Diffuser by Lavande

What better way to help mom relax after a stressful day than with some artisanal lavender bath products. I love the diffuser, and really anything they make. 




7. Frida Robe by Sister Golden

While mom's relaxing, why not give her something cute and comfy to relax in! These robes from Sister Golden are so colorful and pretty, and you'd be supporting a darling mother-daughter owned shop!

8. Seattle Chocolate

When in doubt...CHOCOLATE! I got turned onto this brand by a dear friend and it is without a doubt some of the best chocolate I've ever had. 



9. A good ol' fashioned card! 

Yes, I'm biased. But a card is always a great (and heartfelt) way to go! 



What else would you buy for your mom? Or bonus mom, mother-in-law or the chosen mom in your life?


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