Gift Guide: New Parents

Gift Guide: New Parents

As an auntie to many adorable kiddos of my friends and family members, I've had a lot of fun gifting these people gifts over the years! These have been some of my favorite gifts I've gifted and recommendations from new and expecting parent friends.

Lots of these gift ideas are from small business folks, I try to find as many small makers to promote as possible, but many links are Amazon affiliate links that throw a little my way if you check out from the link ;) 

  • Something off their registry:

Yes, I know... you want to get them something special. But you know what they really want and need? The stuff already on their registry. If you know for sure you just have to get them something custom that they didn't ask for, please pair it with something they did ask for. Those cute shoes their kiddo won't fit into for months are great... but diaper cream (the not-exciting giant tubs of it) are likely higher on their wish/need list. 

This little trio of board books has been one of my go-to baby gifts for multiple friends over the years. I first bought them for myself because the illustrations and stories are just so freaking cute but I love gifting them to friends to help get their kiddo's library started. 

Are your friends doing a unique nursery theme? Kate has some adorable and educational Alphabet prints! Her flower design is one of my absolute favorites, closely followed by the mushrooms and travel.

If your friends have multiple kiddos, it can be hard to keep track of all their things, toys, accessories and more. Sumayya's colorful alphabet stickers are a great way to keep track of whose water bottle belongs to who!

Accidents are going to happen, so prep them for those blow out moments. These bags will help keep the rest of their stuff clean until they can get home to handle the rest of the aftermath. 

These little handmade critter friends are darling stuffies that are made in Peru. They're not the cheapest but they are definitely heirloom gifts that give back! Buying 1 doll provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world. My friend Pei has curated an adorable selection at her kid's store, Little Note Shop.

You'd probably win bestie of the year gifting them one of these but check to see if they still need a diaper bag and then gift or recommended it. I invested in one of these years ago and it has held up beautifully! Right now I use it for work but I fully plan to use it as a diaper bag one day. The multiple compartments will come in handy!

My sister had this on her wish list for baby #2 and it turned out so cute! It shipped really quickly too. 

My friend Sam (who also makes adorable sun catchers that would also be a fun nursery addition) stitched up these custom name sweaters! Can you imagine the holiday card photos with these?!

Baby swaddles covered in adorable illustrations of your beloved carbs? Yes, please! Kirstie has such a darling illustration style so these are sure to make the parents smile. 

Their kiddo is going to go through a lot of clothes so you really can't have too many onesies. Sarah has so many adorable illustrations (with lots of cats) and this illustration on a baby onesie is just SO freaking cute! 

Pulse Oximeter:

I first saw this as a rec from Chelsea at Two Twenty One's IG stories and it just stuck with me as such a good gift idea. It's one of those things you hope you won't need but will be good to have on hand for peace of mind if anyone starts getting sick. In addition to a First Aid kit, a child pulse oximeter is just good to have around. 

Diaper Rash Cream and Spatula:

They're gonna need the diaper cream... the application spatula is just an added bonus! If you've never applied diaper cream to a baby booty, that stuff sticks. The spatula isn't totally necessary but it is nice to give them the option of non-sticky white fingers. 

Jeep Folding Travel Stroller:

Confirm with the parents first that they would want/need it but I love this travel stroller. I first saw it in action when visiting my friend Pei in Austin. I loved it so much that I gifted one to my sister before they traveled with my then 11 month old nephew to Italy. It's a great stroller for parents that will be on the go, both cross country and internationally. 

Travel Bottle Cleaning Set:

I've heard great things about this travel bottle cleaning set! Even if they live in a tiny space, this could really come in handy for parents that are always on the go. 

Care, Caffeine and Food: 

The early days of parenthood come with lots of sleep deprivation and not a lot of flexibility. Gift cards for grocery, meal and coffee delivery can go a long way. Subscriptions to food kits or meal deliveries would be really thoughtful. Even more thoughtful would be laundry services, babysitting, and cleaning services.

Alternatively, you could give them the gift of coffee at home! A nice Moka pot, milk foaming wand and some good ground coffee will bring the coffee shop to them. Even more thoughtful... a mug warmer since their coffee might get sat down and forgotten ;)

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