Gift Guide: Cat Lady

Gift Guide: Cat Lady

Let's be ladies (or gents) are pretty easy to shop for. Just find something adorable with an equally adorable cat on it and you're set! Here's some ideas to get you started...

1. 'Deal With It' cat notepad by Party of One Paper

There's no such thing as too many notepads, and they'll definitely have room for this cutie. 

2. 'Cat Hair' Metal Camp Mug by The Paper Wilderness

A cat proof mug covered in cats? Sign me up!

3. Tiny Cats + Plants Calendar

Sneaky kitties with watercolor friends to last you all year long!

4. Cat in Leaves Enamel Pin by Worthwhile Paper

Just like you can never have too many notepads, enamel pins are also on that list. 

5. Lavender Cats Tea Towel by Badger & Burke

Cats...on a TEA TOWEL?! I'll take 6. 

6. Cat Safe Plants

The cat lady is often also a plant lady, so the gift of a plant that's also safe for her kitties will be greatly appreciated!


7. Plant Hangers

Let's be real...a lot of cat ladies (*cough* me *cough*) have plants that aren't cat safe. So plant hangers are a great gift to keep the kitties safe! 

8. Meowdy Cat Sticker by Kathy Phantastic

How dapper is this watercolor kitty? It would look adorable on any water bottle! 

9. Party Tiger Sticker by Bean Horse Car

I repeat...there's no such thing as too many stickers. This cutie from Katie is just *chef's kiss*

10. Demanding Morning Cat Print by I Never Draw

Evan from I Never Draw makes just THE cutest cat prints. I'm obsessed! This feisty kitty hits very close to home for all cat owners.

11. Bagheera PJ Set by PrintFresh

How cute are these pjs?! I feel like I need them in every color. *hint hint*


12. Cat Notepads by Hadron Epoch

These are just so cute, and I love all the different color options! 

13. CAT dish by Bauer Pottery

A cute cat dish. WIN.

14. Thank You Cat Cards by The Paper + Craft Pantry

These are such a lovely gift for a cat lady, they may even send you one as a thank you!

What other ideas would you gift a crazy cat lady? 

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