Gift Guide: Hanukkah!

Gift Guide: Hanukkah!

When I first started selling at craft markets and actively trying to participate in the Holiday season, I knew I needed to ask add some Hanukkah cards to the line-up. What resulted was one of my best selling, and first Etsy featured cards... the Cactus Hanukkiah

It has since gone through a much-needed facelift but this card showed me that the Hanukkah shoppers really love being seen and created for, not just being left as a greeting card box to check. Since those early market days, I've met a lot more card makers and brands that much such cute Hanukkah stuff!

Here are some fun ideas to make 8 nights of gifting more festive and fun!


Kate is my favorite for many reasons but I love her ability to infuse humor into any and all occasions of cards, especially Hanukkah. This candle card hits *very* close to home... aka the drawer holding leftover candles from last year...

Um... how absolutely freaking adorable is this teeny tiny ceramic sculpture made of tiny mugs on a tiny table to be used as a tiny Hanukkiah?! 

Abbie has such a delightful illustration style and her wrapping paper is always just freaking cute! Her Hanukkah cards and wrapping paper are always some of my favorites. 

Paloma has curated some really lovely gifts, including the wonderful one for Hanukkah! Tasty goodies ready to ship with a card? Perfect for those in-laws that live across the country. 

It's a little cheesy but oh well! A holiday to celebrate an oil miracle lends well to gifting tasty olive oil. Theo grows her olives in Santa Barbara county and makes some reaaaally great oil (to fry latkes in or not, that's up to them to decide).

It's not often I actually come across an 'ugly sweater' that I would consider wearing. Menschions has some of the cutest and best Jewish themed cards I've come across. 

I love Jessica's forest-y Hanukkah design in general, but I also love that she has it as an art print so you can send snail mail love but also decorate your home as well! 

Yeah, I'm going to toot my own horn because I'm damn obsessed with this Hanukkah gift bag. I love how it's got both cats and dogs on it so everyone can find some Hanukkah joy on it! 

Erin is such a fabulous artist and illustrator, her work is always some of my favorites and I love her take on a winter wreath for her Hanukkah card design

I love Sam's suncatchers, they're such a delightful addition to every (yes, every) window in our apartment and they would make such a good gift for one of the nights of Hanukkah gifting. 

Arielle has such a fun and colorful collection of Judaica goodies and these rainbow tea towels are just gorgeous! I really love the variety of colors. 

I've been following Katharine's work for literal years (like, OG Sketchy blog days) and I love that she gives her Hanukkah designs the same sparkly love.


Isabella has such sweet designs and I love her Hanukkah gift tags, especially this darling pomegranate design. 

Berko Decor: Terrazzo Hanukkiah

Terazzo + Hanukkah... I'm sold. This would be such a gorgeous piece to have on your shelf year round!

What other gifts would you add to your Hanukkah wish list?

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