Gift Guide: Italophile

Gift Guide: Italophile

Do they daydream of fields of Tuscan sunflowers? Do they always order a glass of Sangiovese wine? Are they constantly checking airfare to Italy? Are they constantly saying fresh pasta is better than boxed? Well, this gift guide if for them (or you)! 

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for the Italophile (Italy lover) in your life! FYI a couple of these are Amazon affiliate links which just means I get a teeny commission if you buy the item. 

1. Del Brenna Pasta Charm

Pasta shaped jewelry...what's not to love? Plus they're a 3rd generation Tuscan jewelry store based in Cortona!

2. Laura Laureto Leather Purse

I got to meet Laura in Cortona a couple years ago and she is such a gem! And her leather bags are gorgeous. 

3. Truly Italy Tuscan Wine Club Membership

Can't make it to Italy? Have Italy come to you! Our friend Katie has a wine club with some very tasty wines lined up! 

4. Bobo Design Studio Wanderlust Passport

Angie at Bobo designed these travel journals herself and they're perfect for taking on adventures! 

5. Kaweco Fountain Pen

Do they already have a journal? Get them a nice new fountain pen, Kaweco is one of my favorite brands. 

6. Sunflower Watercolor Print

Help them decorate their walls with one of our own watercolor sunflower prints. 

7. Uashmama Waxed Paper Apron

I LOVE Uashmama products! I love popping into the Le Sorelle shop in Lucca every year and drooling over their waxed paper goods. 

8. Lavande Farm Bath Products

I'm good friends with the folks behind Lavande and y'all... their bath products are delightful! I'm a huge fan of the body cream and sugar scrub. 

9. Buon Appetito 2023 Calendar by Megan Bentley

How cute are all these illustrations?! Keep them hungry all year long! 

10. Pasta Machine

Help them ease their pasta withdrawals with a pasta machine! Maybe they'll even share ;) 

11. Passport Cover and Luggage Tag

While they're day dreaming of getting back over to Italy, get their suitcase and passport ready for the trip. 

12. Wanderful Retreat

Need a gift for yourself? Give yourself a week in Tuscany! Wine tasting, cooking classes and art instruction... what's not to love? 

What other gifts would you gift the Italy lover in your life? 

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