Gift Guide: For (and From) Small Business Friends

Gift Guide: For (and From) Small Business Friends

Do you have a friend who runs a small business? Here are some ideas of gifts they might appreciate to get them through the busier times of the year. Some are suggested by fellow small business friends, and others are ones I've invested in over the years that have been a gift to myself! Bonus points that most of the items on this list are made by small business friends of mine! Also, some links are Amazon affiliate so I get a few bucks if you purchase through my link ;)

  • Practical (Less Exciting) Gifts and Gift Cards:

Gift cards for massages, food delivery, cleaning services, car detailing and car washing can really help your very drained small business friends feel a bit more human. Gift cards towards their suppliers of branded packing tape or packing supplies from Clear Bags can help keep them running smoothly. Ad space in their local newspaper or magazines is a really thoughtful way to help your friends bring in some new business. Are these the most exciting ideas? No... but will your small business friend ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU? 100% YES! 

Y'all... the Holiday season and running a small business is rough on our feet and legs. Standing for hours packing orders or at markets can be draining! Gift your friends the gift of a squishy spot to stand (or some shoe inserts if you want something smaller). 

I love this fanny pack so dang much, it's ridiculous. It's really beautifully made but it's also incredibly practical! I love bringing this on market days so I always have my keys on me when I need to kick open the back sensor of my car or just run to the restroom/grab lunch in one fell swoop. Or on errands to the Post Office when I have arms of bags of things to ship.

A little leather pouch to hold all the odds and ends on market days? YES. Add their initials and it's a truly thoughtful gift for your small business owning friend. These adorable, high-crafted leather pouches by Amal are the perfect spot for your friend to tuck business cards, too! And you can get them monogrammed with your friend's business initials.

Gift this adorable brunch sticker to your small business bestie while out grabbing brunch! Really though, all of Kate's stickers are darling and would make a great gift. But for real... your small business friend could likely use a mimosa this time of year. Not into brunch? Take them to Happy Hour instead ;) your business friend will love you for it.

This pin is so sweet, and so is Ali of Love Through Letterpress. I love the idea of gifting this to a small business buddy who's just trying to spread some of their magic this time of year. 

It's tough to take care of yourself at markets but it can feel a bit nicer eating cold leftovers with some actual silverware! Help your small business friends during the holiday season feed themselves and feel like adults still. Plastic sporks from the food trucks are just sad. 

  • Foxware Designs: Ceramic Mug with Foam Wand for at Home Lattes!

Tis the season for lots and lots of caffeine. I know personally that getting a coffee out of the house is a luxury this time of year. There's just never enough hours in the day. So being able to make a latte at home is pretty damn nice, and necessary. I have a mug from Foxware Designs and it's one of my absolute favorites.

Pair a gorgeous handmade mug with a milk foaming wand, a tin of Vanilla Latte powder and some of their favorite tea (apricot ceylon is mine) and your bestie will be able to make their own tea lattes at home all day! Add in a mug warmer because let's be real, they're going to get distracted and let their latte go cold at least a few times during the day. 

I don't think it's just me but small business folks like looking at pretty things. Even better when it's an alive plant that's pretty to look at and cat/dog safe. I have 4 orchids around our apartment and they make me so happy to see them thriving and blooming when everything else looks like chaos. Bonus points that Ixoq Boxi products are all fair trade and sustainably made by women in Guatemala! 

I love any and all of Erin's illustrations but her recent collab with Casetify was just gorgeous. Their cellphone cases are sturdy too, which comes in handy during the holiday season since we business owners tend to get a little clumsy in our season of constant sleep deprivation... 

You know what small businesses make a lot of? LISTS. It's even more fun when those lists can be adorable and well designed. Katie of Line & Kind has such a pretty aesthetic and I love her designs of notepads. 

In addition to keeping lots of lists, I'm also keeping track of projects and such ALL the time. Having a nice spot to keep them is pretty dang nice. Pei's collab with Archer and Olive created some of my favorite journals to keep track of all the things. Even more so when you can use these fun dot pens to make lists and highlight things.

Raya makes so many delicious bath products, it's hard to pick just one. I think her lotion bars would be such a great gift for small business folks because we're doing SO many things all day with our hands. Add in the cold outdoor market temps and our hands get pretty neglected fast. Raya's natural bath and body products are just magical, plus it's the perfect size to tag along on long market days. 

During the busy season, it's hard to find small ways to treat yourself but having a luxurious bar of soap or a hot bath can make those long market days wash away faster. Christy's soap and bath bombs are seriously some of my favorite scents (try Citrus Chamomile and Simply Lavender) and it's such a quality product. 

While you're encouraging your friend to do a little self care, snag them a fun coloring book from Christina's fun business Hello Harlot and some fun pens that they'll love to use the other 364 days of the year they're working! 

Aromatherapy that calms my aching neck? Yes, please. The folks at Lavande make some lovely goodies but this neck pillow is top of my list after a long day of order packing or dealing with unruly shoppers. 

With all the things going on, keeping track of days can get hard. Our tiny desk calendars are a great gift that don't take up much space on their already crowded work spaces. 

What would you add to this list of ideas for friends that run small businesses?


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