Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers! Lots of these are just silly. Many are practical. A lot are from small business friends. What do they all have in common? They'll fit in a dang stocking (maybe not all at once). 

 Also, some links are Amazon affiliate so I get a few bucks if you purchase through my link ;)

Amal's brass goods are so luxurious, and fit perfectly in a stocking!

The gift of smelling nice. Christy's soaps are forever some of my favorite gifts to gift (or keep for myself).

This sticker is very much me. 

Is this an exciting gift? Not really. But it's incredibly practical. Don't tell Louie but I already bought him one of these for Hanukkah. He's constantly forgetting his charge cords... and then to charge his portable charge brick. Wrapped all in one? It's kind of a winning gift. 

Katie has so many great designs and products but I love that this support deck also gives the gift of helping ease anxiety.

Angie has such an amazing style and I love her stamp washi tape!

Jessie makes really funny candles, and he wrote a pretty damn funny book too!



I had a hard time deciding between take me to the coast or wine country (spoiler, you can take me to both). 

Organic small batch chapstick made in California by a really lovely human? Yes, please!

It's common knowledge you get extra gifting bonus points when you tuck a gift card inside a handmade leather wallet ;)

Sam has so many fun designs of sun catchers and they'd make such a fun stocking stuffer!

Give the gift of crafting! I love all of Amy's embroidery kit designs.

I have one of these already and it's the perfect size to keep tucked in my fanny pack or backpack when I'm out and about.

Ali's 'Do Good' pin is such a sweet gift to tuck into any stocking. 

Karen has such sweet designs and I love the idea of gifting more encouragement for snail mailing. 

Lisa has such a happy style and this kitty mirror is high on my list. 

This hot sauce is the freaking best, and the tiny bottles are just freaking cute.

This mother + daughter brand has such a fun vibe and adorable products for folks that love a bit of adventure

I have many of their bandanas and they're all adorable!

These travel watercolor palettes are darling and pack so much paint! And they're teeny tiny! 

Jessie has such darling designs and her pocket notebooks are even cuter in person

Am I over 30? Yes. Do I still want a mushroom night light? Also, yes. 

This is a pretty random stocking stuffer but I love the idea of giving kiddos a magnifying glass and some bugs to look at. You could just give a gift card for getting some when it warms up if you live somewhere that snows in the winter. 

I really love this Santa Barbara company, all of their instant lattes are really tasty.

Bombas is such a good company and all their socks are the best. Their slippers look super comfy too. 

My favorite hair ties of all time. 

Another odd, yet very practical, stocking stuffer. Water kanteens get nasty over time and these work really well to clean them up.

For such a small size, this speaker really packs a punch. And it's a great size to travel with! I bring it with me on all the Wanderful Retreats now.

Do they need it? Maybe not. But should you buy it for them to spark lots of sparkle joy? 100% YES.

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