Gift Guide: the Creative

Gift Guide: the Creative

What do you gift to the person who can make practically anything? Something also handmade or unique!

Here's a list of goodies we recommend for creatives and crafters. We're sure they'll love to have any of these goodies in their creative arsenal...

1. Brass Desk Accessories by Amal Iqbal

We can personally vouch for these tools. They're stunning. And very handy to have around the studio! The ruler is the perfect size to bring on travels. The scissors are delightful to use. And the'll love showing this pen off (and you will covet it). Amal is also a gem of a human and wonderful creative to follow. Photo below by Amal Iqbal

Brass Tools by Amal Iqbal (Photo by Amal Iqbal)

2. Ceramic Paint Palette by Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. 

These palettes have been on my wishlist for ages! Not only are they a practical tool to have around the studio, they're gorgeous to look at. Cleaning them out in between paintings looks like a breeze as well. Photo below by Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. 

Ceramic Palette by Sugarhouse Ceramic Co.

3. Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

I was gifted one of these pens years ago by a dear friend (and fellow sketcher) and my sketchbook was never the same. These fountain pens are the perfect size for traveling with and are very versatile to work with. Plus they come in SO many colors! We usually buy ours from Jet Pens but many stationery stores also carry them. 

4. Journal by the Paper + Craft Pantry x Archer & Olive

Gorgeous paper, a pretty cover and supporting to two female owned businesses at once? Winning! Our friend Pei from the Paper + Craft Pantry released these gorgeous journals in collaboration with Archer & Olive. The only real question is, which color will you choose?! Photo by the Paper + Craft Pantry

Paper + Craft Pantry Journal

5. Small Batch Watercolors by Case for Making

Creatives love new art supplies! These watercolors have been on my wishlist for some time now. They're small batch and made in California! You can buy individual pans or curated sets.

Case for Making Watercolors

6. Mixed Paper Sketchbook

One of my personal favorite things to make are my mixed paper sketchbooks. They started as just a solution to problem but it's been so fun to see how many people love them as much as I do! 

7. Coccoina Glue

Glue on a gift guide? YES. I mean, just look at this jar! Plus it's ridiculously great glue that won't be an eyesore on their desk. 

8. Blackwing Pencils

I was skeptical of these pencils for a while but after buying one (and then ordering a whole box shortly after), I'm a believer. The lead quality is great. They hold a sharp tip really well and I love that you can replace the erasers even after they're worn down! Plus, Blackwing is always releasing new colors! 

Blackwing Pencils

9. Pocket Palette by Art Tool Kit

We hardly ever leave the house without one of these pocket palette's in tow! Maria behind Art Tool Kit created these and they're the perfect size to always have watercolors on hand for creative adventures. 

10. Draw Your Day by Samantha Dion Baker

Every creative will go through a rut at some point. One way to get out of it is to gather inspiration and instruction from other artists. Samantha is a fabulous artist and a wonderful person to learn from! 

What would you gift the creative people in your life?

Sketchy Notions Creatives Gift Guide

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