Monthly Recap: Nov. '22

Monthly Recap: Nov. '22

Hi friends! I was thinking the other day about how much I used to blog. My original blog was used in lieu of an actual website because SEO, domain purchasing and building a site was scary and a lot harder that it is today. I haven't touched that blog since 2020 but there's some real gems in the archives of my peak blogging days.

Fast forward to today, and I kinda miss it. My blog was pretty much replaced with Instagram stories to share all my updates, behind the scenes and shopping finds. I don't really want to go back to cranking out posts weekly (or daily at one point...yikes) but I'd like to at least try some monthly recaps to share highlights from that month! These will include links to items I might have bought/loved, recipes we've been cooking, plants I've been drooling over and my monthly playlists that I share with my newsletter friends. 

Favorite Sketchy Goodies... You guys have all really loved the Holiday cards! By far the best seller Christmas card is this one and the favorite Hanukkah card is this one (for the 2nd year in a row!). The 2023 Tiny Cat + Plant Calendar is definitely getting a lot of love lately, too! 

November Music Jams... I really loved the November playlist, especially King by Florence and the Machine. Such a good night driving song, which came in handy driving back from markets late at night this month...

We've been cooking... My husband Louie and I made this rice pudding for Thanksgiving (if you've only ever had caffeteria rice pudding, give this one a try. It's like dessert risotto...with booze!) And this curried chicken sandwich was freaking delicious! 

Recent Small Business Finds... I love market season. It makes shopping SO easy! And I usually find some really amazing new people to shop from! This month I grabbed a mug from Foxware Designs (I'm obsessed) and some cute cat with cat-safe plant stickers from Srimoyee Handmade. I also bought an adorable knitted sloth for my nephew from AniWares and a darling ceramic/felt cat/cactus for the studio by ReGina Christine SB

Highlights this month... 

  • Getting back into market season has absolutely been a highlight! And the fact I get to see so many small business friends. I got to stay with my friend Amal Iqbal in San Diego when I kicked off the start of the month! She has a stunning apartment. 

  • To prep for market season, I finally updated my booth! I made some new tablecloths to match my brand colors (from Home Depot drop cloths!)

  • I also really loved seeing so many people use the VOTE Coloring Pages! Getting tagged in to many folks sharing their kiddos coloring the pages made me so happy to see. 
  • We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and it was great to see SO many of my cousins and their kiddos in one place! It was also nice to finally go adventuring on the quads out in the middle of nowhere again. 

  • And our little kittens (now more like actual cats) turned one! Yes, we are those weird cat parents. We bought them canned salmon and tuna as a treat and they totally rejected it LOL I made this little video and it's crazy how much they've grown!
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