Monthly Recap: Jan. '23

Monthly Recap: Jan. '23

Hi friends! And hello February! January was a bit of a blur since there was so much happening behind the scenes. I had an online wholesale market last week that I was prepping for earlier in the month. And then it was my birthday! So far, 2023 is pretty damn good....

Favorite Sketchy Goodies... in the shop this month, the best sellers have been the newest cards! The I Love You More Than Cats and Plants was a favorite on both the wholesale and retail sides

January Music Jams... the January playlist really kept me going last month. I also did a mini True Crime binge of the 3rd season of The Darkness.

We've been cooking... I was so busy this month that Louie really had to step up and take over the kitchen solo. A couple favorites were the Soy Ginger Dinner Scramble and this Spicy Coconut Grilled Chicken (holy hell, this marinade was amazing).

Recent Small Business Finds... it was a light shopping month but Louie and I did get to use a gift card we received as a wedding gift at a wine shop in LA. I grabbed this bottle of liquor to make some artisanal spritz cocktails!

Highlights this month... 

  • We started off January hitting up the Rose Parade Float Fest in Pasadena on January 2nd. It was SO cool to see the floats all up close and see all the details in person.

  • In between all the Faire Winter Market prep, Louie and I went over to the Getty. He's lived in LA over 7 years and never been there before! We also caught it after all the rain luckily. 
  • The kittens have been adorable (duh) and we just installed a catio on the patio outside the studio. We are those cat people ;) We hit their 1 year Gotcha Day on January 25th, the day before my birthday!

  • It was my 35th birthday this month too! We were going to try to go to Big Sur for a weekend...and then all the rain washed out Hwy 1. So we opted for a weekend on Catalina Island! It was really amazing to finally get a vacation, and a full break from Sketchy work to hike, explore and sketch!


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