Monthly Recap: Feb. '23

Monthly Recap: Feb. '23

Hi friends! And bye February, you were good to me but I'm ready for some warmer weather! We got a LOT of rain this past month here in Los Angeles, and it brought a surprising amount of snow to the nearby mountains. As pretty as it is though, I'm ready for spring and warmer temps! 

Favorite Sketchy goodies... after announcing last month that many designs would be discontinued, there's been a lot of love for this old favorite. The corgi sticker has been well loved this month, too.

February music jams... the February playlist was a good one for those cold, gloomy days. I've also been looking forward to the weekly updates of The Necessary Conversation podcast and Ologies had a great episode on Melaninology.

We've been cooking... with it being so cold, we made a lot of soups! White bean and spring veggie soup was great. We'd revise this Tteokbokki recipe a bit if we did it again but it was still tasty!

Recent small business finds... I've actually had these for a few months! This business was my neighbor at the Jackalope Market in Burbank. I bought a couple gorgeous scrunchies from Fru Fru for my friend Amal's birthday and kept them hidden in case she saw my recaps ;) 

Highlights this month...

  • Louie and I are crazy cat people (shocker) and we converted the patio off the studio into a catio for Ginger and Babka! Ginger loves to sit on the railing and yell at birds but Babka is more timid and is fine just sitting outside.

  • We took a quick weekend trip up to the Santa Ynez Valley to visit my folks and do a little wine tasting at Dreamcote
  • The snow up on the mountains was pretty gorgeous the other day. The nice thing about heavy rain in LA means the next day using has very clear skies since all the smog gone

  • In between all the rain, I've been taking long walks through the neighborhood and it's been lovely to see all the flowers coming out!


  • On Super Bowl Sunday, we met up with some friends at the Highland Park Bowling Alley (the oldest still running bowling alley in LA) and popped next door to my favorite Home State for breakfast tacos


  • If you're not in a local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, do some digging and see if there's local chapter. We've gotten SO many goodies from ours, and gifted many things. This month we scored a free couch and vintage coffee table!


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