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Custom Children's Book

Custom Children's Book

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Need a gift that will be cherished for generations? Give them the gift of a custom illustrated book, featuring their very own daughter, son, niece, nephew, grandchildren, pets or YOU! With a custom illustrated book, they'll have a one-of-kind gift to remember a precious moment, the times they were small, a memorial keepsake or even the moment you proposed.

From start to finish, everything will be created by hand to make it a truly unique keepsake. Together we will collaborate on a one-of-a-kind story to fit the occasion and the stars of the book! I will then lovingly illustrate each page individually with watercolors and drawings. Afterwards, I'll carefully bind by hand your one-of-a-kind book before mailing it off to you to be enjoyed for years to come.

The photos displayed are of past children's books I've been commissioned to make over the years for birthdays, anniversaries, as memorials, for proposals or just to encourage a lifetime of adventures. Other examples of past illustrated book commissions can be seen on my website:

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◦ Size: 7" x 7" to 8" x 8" but rectangular books are also an option. The books are bound in a way to keep the pages strong against wee hands and will be sprayed with an archival clear coat prior to shipping.

◦ Page count: On average 7-10 spreads*, depending upon how long the story is. Each book is unique!

*Spreads: When the book lays open flat and has writing on one side and an illustration on the opposite page, that is one spread.

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1. Upon contact/purchase, I will reach out to determine what kind of story you'd like (rhyming, short, long, etc.) and gather details about your desired story line and who you want to story to be written about. I'll also request photos of the people, animals or places you'd like featured in the book to use as reference while illustrating.

2. Once I have enough information, I'll write the story. Upon completion, I'll email you the draft for review. Once approved, I'll get to work!

3. I'll start printing the text onto the pages to then be illustrated. Each page is illustrated individually by hand and we can even incorporate fold-out pages for long or tall illustrations!

4. As soon as I've finished illustrating all the pages, I'll bind the book in a way to keep the book strong for years to come. Each page and the covers are sprayed with an archival clear coat to keep it protected.

5. As soon as it is done, I will carefully wrap your book for shipping. Custom books are shipping Priority via USPS so you have insurance and a tracking number to follow as it is en-route to your home!

6. If you've selected to add a printed copy, I'll scan all our illustrated pages and edit them into files to Blurb for a hardbound printed copy. Books from Blurb will be 7" x 7". If you'd like more than one printed copy, additional fees will apply.

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On average, 6-8+ weeks for completion but this is not a guarantee as completion depends upon my current workload. Typically it will take 2-3 weeks to write and finalize the story. After the story's final approval by you, it takes at least an additional 3-6+ weeks to cut, bind and illustrate, depending on the level of detail agreed upon for the illustration style. Please note that construction of the actual book can not start until final approval of the text.

I will work as fast as possible to get this special book to you as quickly as possible but it does take time! I don't like to make more than a few at a time, in order to make each book as perfect and special to you as they are to me.

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◦ CUSTOM STORY BY ME: After gathering information from you, I'll write the story all myself! You can read more information above, under "HOW IT WORKS." This costs includes the me writing the story (7-10 spreads* long), illustrating the book and binding it together. Shipping is not included in the price. Books longer that 10 spreads will be subject to additional fees ($45+ per additional spread to be invoiced later, varies on amount of illustrations).

◦ STORY BY YOU: Sometimes I have clients come to me with stories their father, sister or they have written themselves that need to be brought to life. This is absolutely possible! Stories by you must be between 7-10 spreads* long. Books longer that 10 spreads will be subject to additional fees ($45+ per additional spread, varies on amount of illustrations). PLEASE message me prior to purchase so we can discuss the details in order to determine if our styles of writing/illustrating are compatible.

◦ + Printed Copy: You can add a printed copy to your order! Printed book copies are created through Blurb and take additional time to create (both editing pages to print and their time to print/ship the book). These are a great option to have the original keepsake tucked away and the digital copy to read on a regular basis.

*Spreads: When the book lays open flat and has writing on one side and an illustration on the opposite page, that is one spread.

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Other important things to know:

◦ If you have a rush order, please message me prior to purchase to confirm I will be able to create your book in time for your special event. A rush fee may be charged. Rush or Overnight shipping is available too, please message me to get an estimate.

◦ If you are outside of the US, please message me prior to purchase so I can calculate the shipping more accurately!

◦ All US orders will be shipped priority, which includes a tracking number and insurance.
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